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Railroad Laser / Radar (LIDAR)

Laser speed measurement with a range of over 1200 metersand 0.2 KPH sensitivity make the Viatronics LIDAR RR thebest choice for railroad applications.
  • In Classification Yards
  • Monitoring Line Speed
  • Speed Restriction Enforcement
  • Railroad Police Duty

Part Number: ViaLaser RR


Precise Laser Speed & Distance MeasurementDesigned Especially for Railroad Use

Laser speed measurement with a range of over 1200 metersand 0.2 KPH sensitivity make the Viatronics LIDAR RR thebest choice for railroad applications.

When a major European railroad asked our Engineers for helpwith rail car speed issues, it was apparent that modification of ourexisting LIDAR’s controlling firmware was needed. “Speed” in the railroad senseis different from the automobile enforcement sense. What resulted is a speedmeasurement tool that is accurate to a 0.2 KPH - law enforcement only requires 2.0KPH accuracy.

Moreover, the LIDAR RR can discriminate between closely spaced individual cars among groups of cars in settings that would be impossible for radar. It’s the ideal toolfor loss prevention through speed control in the classification yard.

The original LIDAR is law enforcement’s top choice for precision speed measurement of closely spaced vehicles, which makes it ideal for rail yard settings. The LIDAR RR allows pinpoint speed measurement and target discrimination accuracy in settings that would be impossible for other types of speed measurement.

Single-Shot and Continuous Tracking Modes

The LIDAR RR can be set in Single-Shot mode where the triggeris pressed and the unit locks on a single speed reading. Or,the unit can be operated in tracking mode where the trigger ispressed and the unit takes continuous, real-time speed readings.

Doppler-Type Audio Tracking

In some instances, laser operators also operate radar, theLIDAR RR generates a continuous Doppler-type audio tonewhich correlates to the target speed. Just like the audio on apolice radar, this audio is a substantial aid to understanding andbuilding a target tracking history.

Forward-SweptLi-ion Handle

Li-ion forward-swept handlefacilitates a more naturalgrip with less tension onthe wrist and better posturefor the operator

Optional DLPU-unit for data logging

Optional DLPU unit provides a battery powered field data logger. The data logger saves speed, date & time information from each measurement on a Secure Digital (SD) card. One card can store up to millions of speed samples with date & time information. An optional GPS-module ads also GPS-coordinates from measurement point together with speed, date & time information.

Features include

- Monitor retarder exit and coupling speeds
- Measures distances to within 1/2 foot (0.15 meter)
- 0.2 KPH speed sensitivity
- Self Contained - Rechargeable battery operated
- High powered optics
- Ergonomic, rechargeable battery handle providesbetter balance, which means less physical stress
- Integrated battery charger
- Time Distance Converter (TDC) for improvedtime/distance measurements
- Doppler Audio Tracking



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