Product Support

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Service Return Procedure

If you have questions, want a quick problem diagnosis, or need to return your product to the factory:


• Call Viatronics Customer Service and ask for the Customer Service Department. Have the serial number of the product ready.


Phone: +358 207 528 570

Fax: +358 207 528 579


If you need to return your product to Viatronics:


• Return ALL of the product parts in the original packaging (transportation prepaid).
• Include a note describing the problem and/or the incident that resulted in the problem. Failure to do so can delay the return of your product.
• The Repair Services Department will issue you a return authorization (RA) number. Write the RA number on your note and shipping label.
• Return the system to:


Viatronics Oy
Pitkänsillankatu 8 A3
67100 Kokkola

The customer is responsible for the shipping charges to send the system to Viatronics Oy.

If we receive a system from a customer COD that is still under warranty, we will charge the customer for the amount of COD freight charges plus an additional 10% for handling after we repair the system. Also, we will add COD and a 10% handling fee to the repair bill for out-of-warranty repairs.

The customer is responsible for all shipping charges to the Viatronics service location. Viatronics does not accept incoming COD shipments. Viatronics will pay the freight (up to €10.00) for shipping the system from the repair facility to the customer, providing the system is still under warranty. We will charge the customer for any shipping charges above the initial €10.00. If you want to ship your package express or next day air, we will invoice you for these freight charges.

If your product is out of warranty and you would like to know the cost of repair prior to the actual repair work being performed, Viatronics would be happy to give you a repair estimate. To obtain an estimate, request it either on the paperwork you submit with the product when you send it in for service or when you obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number. Viatronics provides estimates only upon request.

The initial charge for an estimate is currently €50.00 per unit if your product is not under warranty plus the return shipping and handling fees. If, after reviewing the estimate cost, you decide not to have your product repaired, you will be invoiced €50.00 as a minimum charge. If you decide to have your product repaired, you do not owe the estimated charge (the charge is waived) and only pay the amount stated in the estimate.