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ViaEco 25 Eco Radar Speed Sign is an economical Speed Display for individuals, smaller communities and councils to reduce speeding in problem areas. The green LED display changes to red, when the allowed speed is exceeded.

Part Number: ViaSite 25 Eco

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Radar Speed Sign ViaSite 25 Eco

ViaEco 25 Radar Speed Sign uses (Radar) Doppler effect to accurately measure vehicle speed on the road, school area, or for example village neighbourhood. The Speed Sign is a double LED display. LEDs change color from green to red, when the allowed speed is exceeded. The Sign has a battery of 7 Ah.


1.1 Operational:

Display Brightness Control: Auto adjust to light conditions

1.2 Dimensions

Driver Feed Back Sign Housing: 370x420x90 mm

Height of letters : 60 mm

LED Display Characters: 2 digits, 10" (250 mm) high Super Bright red LEDs

1.3 Weight

5 kg with battery


1.4 Components

Circuit Breaker: Multi-circuit, 5 amp fuses

Power Supply: 240VAC and optional 12 VDC (7 Ah) Batteriy with solar panel

Power Consumption: < 0.2 amps (2 W) in active mode, idle mode < 1 watt

LEDs: Super Bright red LEDs with 8000 mcd each (life up to 100,000 hours)

1.5 Radar Unit

Type: K Band, directional Doppler radar, FCC part 15 compliant

Sensor Range: Sensor range up to 150 m

Beam Width: 30/40 degrees, +/- 2 degrees

Operating Frequency: 24.125 GHz, +/- 50 MHz

Accuracy: +/- 1.5 mph

Speed Detection Range: 0 - 199 kph

1.6 Housing

Composition & Finish: PVC case

Temperature Ranges: A/C model: -20 C to +60 C; Solar & Battery models: -10 C to +60 C

Humidity Maximum: 100%

Weatherproof: Conforms to NEMA 4R level design, non-sealed & ventilated

Makrolon Display Cover: 4 mm thick, shatter resistant, protects LEDs

1.7 Pole Mounting Hardware

Hardware Available For 2,5" (76 mm) round poles as standard and 60 or 89 mm is available for option

1.8 Solar Power

Solar Panel Output: 40 watt, Voltage at Pmax = 17.4V, Current at Pmax = 3.11 Amps

Pole Mount: Side pole mount with 20° angle bracket for effective solar charging

1.9 Warranty

Basics: Parts and Labor: 1 year

As an option the VIaSite 25 ECO can be accompanied by a solar panel.

Radar Speed Sign

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ViaSite 25 Eco

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