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Viatronics Raptor

Viatronics Raptor is Complete Photo-Radar Solution for monitoring & recording speed violations.

Raptor Photo-radar is a turnkey solution designed especially to fit for corporate & private sector use. System records automatically speed violations in all lighting conditions, with recognizable numberplate image.

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Viatronics SpeedCAM 200

Viatronics SpeedCAM combines an intelligent license plate recognition with a speed measurement radar to form a smart traffic sensor in a single sealed, robust and waterproof camera. The built in smart camera provides an all-in-one solution for intelligent traffic monitoring and license plate recognition. It includes high quality image capturing in integrated illumination, a processing unit for license plate recognition, automatic self-control and remote access. All processing is done inside the unit: images, license plate texts, time and vehicle speeds are stored in a database within the SpeedCAM´s memory with easy access through a web-server.

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Viatronics SC100 Photo Radar

This all in one”smart” device provides optimal images in various operating environments.The built in software intelligence and hardware modules are based on 20 years experience in the field of OCR and ANPR camera technology.

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