ViaSite 30 Tennis Speed Display

ViaSite 30 Tennis on korkealaatuinen näyttö eri urheilulajien sovellutuksiin. Näyttö on varustettu kahdella tai neljällä tutkalla ja kolmella 30cm korkealla numerolla. Järjestelmä soveltuu esim. tennikseen ja muihin pallolajeihin  syöttönopeuksien mittaamiseen ja näyttämiseen. Monitutkajärjestelmässä korkein nopeus näytetään automaattisesti. Järjestelmä soveltuu nopeusmittaukseen ja nopeusnäytöksi ammattilaistason valmennukseen, harjoituksiin ja kilpailutilanteisiin.

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Professional Speed Display For Tennis


ViaSite 30 Tennis is high quality speed display for sports applications. Display is equipped with two or four radars and three 30 cm high digits. System is suitable for measuring and displaying accurately tennis serve and shot speeds. If multiple radars detect the speed, system will automatically display the highest seed reading. System is suitable for measuring and displaying tennis ball speeds in professional level coaching, practicing and matches.



Multipower-system for Permanent & Mobile use

ViaSite 30 Tennis is designed for outdoor and indoor use. System is also suitable for mobile use and permanent installation as well. Display is equipped with 220V power source and 12 V:n power connection for external battery. Display is made from strong but yet lightweight Sea Aluminium (Almg 3). Powder coated and baked paint surface provides hard scratch and weather resistant surface for permanent outdoor mounting or portable use. All display connectors are IP65 classified for maximum weather sustainability.


Quaranteed Visibility In All Conditions

Almost 400 pcs of Amber LEDs with 8000 mcd brightness provides maximum visibility in full daylight. Visibility is further enhanced with automatic brightness adjustment and AntiReflectiveTM surface on 5 mm thick and durable Polycarbonate class. Optionally system is also available with wireless radar system.


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